No matter how old or experienced you are, you’ll have to admit that being in your 20s is the best thing ever! During every part of this decade, you’re free to experiment with different things, do whatever you feel like doing and act the way you want to act. And if you’re a 20-something guy, the world is literally your oyster and all you need to do is find a way to snatch its pearl and live your life to the fullest. However, even though your sexual life is extremely important at this stage of life, you also must take care of your health and think about your future. Therefore, here are some of the most important things regarding your sexual health you need to remember in your 20s.

Be honest

Whether you’re casually dating and changing partners regularly or, on the other hand, in a long-term relationship heading towards marriage, you always have to honest with the person you’re with and make sure they know what you’re looking for. Yes, putting your cards on the table is harder than it may seem at first, but talking about sex is vital for your mental health. Discuss your preferences, wishes and fears and get it all out. This way, you’ll prevent misunderstandings and possible complications down the line that might put a perspective relationship in jeopardy.

Learn how to approach your partner

Two biggest problems young people have in bed are a lack of experience and using the same approach with different partners. Unless you’ve been sexually active since you were 15 – and we hope you haven’t! – there’s no way you’ll have enough experience until you’re at least 25. However, being inexperienced shouldn’t stop you from trying to gain as much knowledge as you can and constantly learning new things. Only after a number of partners will you know what to do in order to satisfy them – but don’t think that what worked for one will work for the others. That’s why you should experiment and learn what’s working for your partners and also what might not suit them that much.

Go the extra mile

Speaking of experimenting and trying out something new, have you ever done anything even remotely kinky? The thing with new sexual ideas is that they are, despite being utterly interesting and arousing, still considered strange, unusual and troublesome. But, your 20s are the perfect time for these things – if you like them, you’ve got a lifetime of happiness ahead of you, and if you don’t, you’ll still have enough time to find something else that stimulates you more. Pushing your boundaries is an important aspect of youth on so many levels, but getting interested in intriguing and stimulating sex toys is great for your health as well – they might help you discover and diagnose various diseases, including colon cancer, for instance.

Fuel your system

In order to become sexually potent, you need to feed your body with various nutritive foods that keep you healthy and ready to do your best in the sack. A proper diet helps you lose weight and boosts your libido and endurance, making you ready to go for hours, which is something your partner will definitely appreciate. Some of the things you might want to incorporate into your daily menu are avocado, eggs, citrus fruits, fish and oatmeal.

Consider your health

Unfortunately, minding your diet won’t be enough to keep you 100% healthy, so you have to take care of other aspects as well. While erectile dysfunction isn’t likely to happen to a 20-something guy, that doesn’t mean it can’t cause you problems if you lead an unhealthy life. Therefore, you need to look after your heart and your stress level, as well as stay off alcohol and recreational drugs if you want to maintain your erection. Finally, hit the gym – you’ll get leaner and more attractive, boost your own confidence and maybe even meet someone new!

No shortcuts

Remembering that there are no shortcuts when trying to get your sex life in order is quite essential. Nothing comes easy and you have to work hard for your partner, your erection, your stamina, your inner peace and, finally, that mind-blowing sex you’ve always wanted!

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