Working hard and being at work over 50 hours a week is not a big deal when you’re young, but fast-paced work life will take its toll on you, that much is certain.

Being constantly under stress is not a joke, and it can lead to numerous health problems. Stress can affect your everyday life, and it can affect the way you handle even the simplest responsibilities. According to Mental Health America, the key to managing stress lies in one magic word: balance.

If you want to reach your Shangri-La, you’ll need to find a way to balance your personal and professional life. Fortunately, we’re here to help, and this is how you can do it:

Set your priorities straight

Instead of thinking about all the bad things and problems, you need to start thinking more positively. This can only be done by making some minor changes in your life. Yes, you don’t need to make big changes, but you must make significant ones.

Try to be proactive. Decide what is more important to you – your personal life, or your work life? Your personal success or your happiness? Those things don’t have to exclude one another, but you simply have to figure out what makes you happy and what makes your blood boil. By setting your priorities straight, you’ll lead a much better life.

Make a schedule

In fact, don’t just make a program – stick to it. Balancing your work life and personal life is not easy, but it is doable. If you’re working from 9 to 5, even if you work from home, don’t schedule other activities at that time. Also, do your work, but take occasional breaks.

You’re only human after all, and you need rest. According to the Atlantic, you should work for 52 minutes, and rest for 17. Try this trick, and maybe it’ll work for you.

Don’t be afraid to take supplements

Supplements can really help with brain functions, and they can improve memory and cognition. For example, Ginkgo Biloba and DHA (Omega 3 fatty acid essential for brain function) are great for improving long-term memory. When it comes to short-term memory, certain forms of choline are the way to go.

If you really want to make your brain work, we have some good news for you. There are now pills that work similarly to those from the movie Limitless, but fortunately, don’t have any side effects, which is why many people use them. Of course, they’re nowhere near the strength of the drug shown in the movie starring Bradley Cooper, but they are still able to boost your brain power significantly.

You can reach previously unattainable levels of performance by taking a Smart pill by Lucid. Forget about drinking coffee to get through your day; cognitive supplements are the way to go. Focus your thoughts, improve your memory and overtake competition by safely boosting your brainpower.

Work Out

According to Russell Clayton, an assistant professor of management at Saint Leo’s University Donald R. Tapia School of Business, regular exercise helps you balance work and family. Exercise reduces stress significantly and allows you to leave your work-related cares behind.

By exercising you’ll get rid of stress, and you’ll feel more confident. You don’t need a gym membership to work out; you just need to make a habit out of it. Work out in your office or your home instead. Buy a couple of kettlebells or a treadmill and sweat your stress away.


Do you have some time to spare to cook a meal? No? That shouldn’t be a problem. Hire a personal chef and forget about cooking ever again. Having a personal chef is not expensive (you can get your meals delivered for 10 dollars), which is great. You’ll save a lot of time by not having to cook and shop for groceries.

Find the right balance by making a plan that supports your lifestyle completely. Do your work, outsource what you can, work out and don’t be afraid to take supplements from time to time. Our bodies were not designed to endure stress caused by modern lifestyle, and they need all the help they can get.

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