5 Tips to Break 90 this Golf Season

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Well… We’ve made it.

Through the long, bleak winter we grumbled. Moaning about the lack of days of sunlight, central heating bills and, most importantly of all, a lack of golf.

As the sticks gather dust in the cupboard under the stairs, there was a moment in early December when you thought they might never see the light of day again. The summer was such a microscopic fragment of your imagination that you could no longer spell ‘golf.’

The golf season is finally here, and with it, the opportunity to find the holy grail.

Your best ever round.

Failing that however, here are five tips to break 90 next time you hit the links.

To Driver or not to Driver

We’ve all been there, standing on a relatively innocuous 370 yard Par 4. Your mate pulls Driver and pipes it down the fairway.

You feel obligated to do the same.

You crunch this thing and “FORE RIGHT!!!” does not even cut it. It sails off into the Bundu, and you can wave that Pinnacle Gold goodbye.

Instead, why not grab your trusty five iron? 

You may not make birdie with it, but it will hopefully stay in the same county off the tee.

Knock one down there, up to the green in 2, and hopefully make 4. If not, a 5 is better than a 9…

Two Putts. Always

Putting is bloody difficult.

When you consider that PGA Pros make 20% of putts from 15 feet, this should help you realise how tough it is on the greens.

You swan in with your 21 “handicap”, and think that you’re gonna be hitting the back of every cup like Jordan Spieth. The reality (am sorry to say) is that you should aim to take two putts from almost everywhere.

If it is from more than 8 feet, two putts is fine. Measuring your expectations in this way will help in two ways; 1. You’ll leave yourself easier putts to actually get it in the hole. 2. You’ll make more of them as your speed will be better judged.

Take 2 putts and run.

Every time.

Hit it Easy

There is definitely a macho competition in golf that goes beyond just the tee box. Once you have hit a drive down the middle, the bicep-measuring continues when asking your playing partners hit on their second.

Hitting a wedge from 168 yards, ain’t gonna do you any favours. You’ll rush you’re swing, try and rip it and end up short right, or thinning it.

Instead, take an extra club, grip down on it an inch and swing easy. You’ll hit more greens and leave yourself better looks.

Practice, just a little bit?

Like any sport, but especially in golf, muscle memory goes a long way to better performance.

Most golfers spend the prime of the golf season still dusting off the winter rustiness. Find an hour in March, or maybe even, a couple of times a month to hit the driving range.

Not only will you have a little sliver of confidence when you actually do hit the course, but you’ll know what your doing when standing over that first tee shot.

Relax and Enjoy

People that care too much about their card, are inevitably the ones that get the most frustrated about bad shots. This starts a negative spiral that ends in a lot of expletives and a ruined scorecard.

Golf is a game of mistakes, so bad shots are gonna happen. Accept it.

Keeping level headed throughout the round, whilst certainly easier said that done, can turn rounds of 100+ in to 89.

“All you can control is the next shot,” is the best quote in the game of golf. And you should say it to yourself, ALL THE TIME!


Now what are you waiting for?

Time to break 90!

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