Ashes on TV

Anyone who cares about the upcoming Ashes tour will understand me when I say that a greater mistake than any there will be surrounding selection was to award the rights to show the series on BT Sport.

I want to find the imbeciles who came to this decision and ask them how they could possibly have it in their hearts to deprive us of the greatest broadcasting team to grace our TV’s in my lifetime.

The decision was no doubt made on a financial basis (deal is believed to be worth £80 million), but on this occasion, money should be put to one side. The thought of Greg James, a radio 1 drive time host, replacing David Gower sickens me. Imagine if someone came along and said that David Attenborough was going to be replaced by Noel Edmonds – what an awful thought.

Part of my own personal excitement surrounding an Ashes tour down under is getting up a couple of hours earlier than usual, lying on the sofa, and drifting in and out of consciousness as England pile on the runs against a tired Australian side (wishful thinking). How on earth am I meant to dose with the unpleasant sound of Kevin Pietersen’s egotistical voice ringing in my ear.

In preparation for the first test on Thursday 23rd November, I will be noting the location of my television’s mute button, which will be pressed before I go to bed to ensure when the TV is turned on in the morning, seeing England at 350 for no wicket is not ruined by any amateur punditry.

My hope is that Test Match Special have accounted for the horror show on BT sport and streamlined their timing with the match on TV – the best of both worlds.

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