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The phenomenon of the Podcast is on the rise as busy commuters no longer have the time or simply the space in order to consume a good book. Having someone aurally inform you of a topic you are interested in is a very personal experience. You can get lost in the content very easily. Consider how often the train operator butts in as you desperately try to immerse yourself in George Orwell’s 1984 for a change.

Here is a list of some on the best Podcasts to enjoy to satisfy the your inner sports fan.

No Laying Up

Chris Solomun’s insight into the golf industry is one that we have touched on in the past. Typically taking the form of a one-on-one interview, the podcast gives wonderful depth into various aspects of golf.

Access is impressive with Jordan Spieth, Rory Mcilroy and Justin Thomas all having featured on the podcast. Their honest and frankness is compelling for the golf fan that typically sees their idols operating within the ropes.

Specific episodes to look out for are Jim ‘Bones’ Mckay (Phil Mickelson’s Caddy) and Kyle Porter (CBS Golf Journalist) after winning the media lottery to play Augusta National.

Their twitter page is genuinely hilarious, particularly relating to #TourSauce

Sports Business Weekly

Matt Cutler, respected business and sports journalist, launched the leading Sports Business Podcast in February of 2016 and it has grown from strength to strength. If you are into lengthy discussions about how; ‘content is king’, all sports sponsorship should be a ‘brand trying to tell a story through sport’ and whether VR is going to have the impact everyone thinks, you are in the right place.

Again taking on an interview format, Cutler is remarkably knowledegable when delving into the past of those opposite him. Dan Roan, BBC News Sports Editor, Matt Rogan, Co-founder of Two Circles and his latest ‘No Holds Barred’ series are all worth a listen.

Link to the website is here.

Fletch, Sav and the Ping Pong Guy

This delightfully honest and refreshing podcast on the current topics in sport is a must listen.

Flintoff’s salt of the earth Northern-ness – encapsulated by his rant about Arsenal players flying in a private jet – combined with Savage’s abruptness is a great cocktail. The unnamed, and unsung, hero of the pod; Matthew Syed, does a great job of keeping them on track.

Recent discussions range of how old children should be (if at all) before narrowing down their focus to professional sport, the impact of home fans on a game, and one moment in their career’s they would change when looking back – Syed’s is particularly interesting…

Great production and regular updates make it particularly engaging.

Found here.

The Gary Neville Podcast

To demonstrate how important the podcast arms race has become, Gary Neville – arguably the most important sports journalist (a loose term) behind Gary Lineker – does a post match discussion after games that he commentates on.

This takes exactly the form that you would imagine, with rash judgements being made before qualifying them in such a way that removes any blame.

Likeable because you’ll know what you’re getting. Frustrating because you’d like more detail.

Link here. 


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