Cavs vs. Warriors – Game 7

The NBA has got what it wanted.
Cavs vs. Warriors
LeBron vs. Curry
Braun vs. Brains
In Game 7 of the NBA Finals.
In a sport that is so criticised for being all about the individual, LeBron James’ brilliance has overturned a 3-1 deficit in the seven game finals series. His consecutive 41 point games in Games 5 and 6 were ‘one for the ages’ and the Cavs fans were going bananas. It was athleticism, concentration, and skill wrapped up into a six foot eight, two hundred and fifty pound monster.
In Game 5, Kyrie Irving was also unplayable, matching James’ 41 points, thus becoming the only pair to have 40+ points in a finals game. For those not into basketball, this really is as good as it gets. Irving, the 24 year old point guard, looked like a veteran who completely ran the show from tip off.
Psychologically, having to win every game from 3-1 down is almost a relief. As no team has ever come back from that standing in thirty two attempts in the NBA Finals, you have no fear of losing simply because you have nothing to lose. After game 5, James said “We had a mindset that we wanted to come here and just extend our period and have another opportunity to fight for another day.”
The Warriors on the other hand, have been the Golden – excuse the pun – boys of the NBA throughout the season. Steph “Gonna Steph” Curry beat his 2014/5 record of 286 three pointers by clocking over 400 this year. He (and Klay Thompson his ‘Splash Brother’) have reshaped how basketball is played. Pinpoint accuracy from outside the D has won over the ‘power forward’ tactics that have previously dominated.
Well that’s what we thought until LeBron – and his MASSIVE jaw – happened…
Last year the Warriors wrapped up the series 4-2, Steph Curry was MVP and it all was sunny in Oakland, California.
This year, we have a game 7. 
A one game shootout for the ultimate prize in basketball.
James’ two forty one point games and Curry’s 400+ three pointers don’t matter. 
Which of these two individuals plays better will mean their team will be immortalised in history.


See you Sunday night at 2am BST… 

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