How Andy Murray Became Number 1 in the World

We have been blessed to witness some of the best Tennis ever played over the past ten yearsroger-federer-rafael-nadal-wimbledon-2008_3318379.

Novak, Roger and Rafa were largely to thank for that.


This makes the¬†fact that we have a British tennis player ranked number one in the world all the more remarkable. Andy Murray’s transformation from the complaining phenom – a mere footnote to the aforementioned top three – to world-beater is ultra impressive.

This process was greatly influenced by the way he dealt with playing second fiddle to those that were simply better than him.

Back in 2012, losing the Wimbledon final to Federer was as heartbreaking as it was exhausting. So much energy was spent getting to the final – in part due to the Herculean effort of carrying the weight of the British public’s expectstions – that when he didn’t win, there was a concern that he wouldn’t get there again.


How wrong we were.

2016 saw Murray claim his second Wimbledon title after thrashing the wonderfully talented Milos Raonic. I don’t think the British nerves could have stood another nail biter as in 2014 [remember those double faults?!]
You’d be forgiven for thinking that the chasm had never been wider after losing the French Open to Djokovic in early June. Three Grand Slam Final losses to the Serb in 18 months, the gap in the rankings now 8,000 points, and insecurity about his coaching staff.

In came Lendl, a second Wimbledon, another gold medal in Rio and eighteen consecutive victories to secure the World Number One spot.

Many are proclaiming it to be the Scot’s greatest achievement to date.


murray-wimbledon-2013Only 25 other men have zenithed the sport of tennis and Murray is the second oldest to have done it.
Tennis aficionados will not let you forget that his brother Jamie has already completed the feat on the Doubles side of the sport.

However, what Andy Murray has just done is a wonderful step to emulating Fred Perry, the world’s best player in the 1930s for quite some time.

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