While health problems can never be a fun topic, numerous issues that affect men are neatly ignored by the mainstream media, which leaves a large portion of the male population uninformed about how prevalent some of those health troubles are.

Had you known that more men were affected by a problem, you would have likely gone to the doctor’s sooner rather than later, or you would have at least been better informed. To break the vicious cycle, let’s tackle some of the more common health conundrums few discuss openly, and undeservedly so.

Urinary trouble

Ranging from mild infections, bladder pain, trouble urinating, incontinence all the way to bloody urine, these genital conundrums are sensitive topics for any man to consider, yet few men realize the importance of these symptoms and how they should address them. What typically starts out as a minor problem can escalate quickly without medical attention.

Low media coverage is not the encouragement men need to seek medical help with such sensitive topics, so they need to realize the implications of ignoring the problem. Asking for help or advice is no sign of weakness, although the media’s hush-hush attitude subtly indicated that it might be.

Domestic physical abuse

A staggering number of men are victims of domestic violence, leading to a whole range of injuries and health problems. Despite the fact that over 40% of abuse victims are male, countries worldwide along with the media have opted to ignore the problem.

With so many equality issues raging in the media, such a crucial one is overlooked by the authorities and the public alike. If men were to seek help and actually expect to receive it in these severe circumstances, the media would need to step up their game, and quick.

Erectile dysfunction

Two words no man wants to hear, with repercussions moving beyond just a bruised ego, men who have continuous issues with erection are largely abandoned to deal with their crisis on their own. A single occurrence might be just a consequence of low confidence or even a plain case of tiredness, but a recurring problem can indicate a much greater issue.

As erectile dysfunction has been linked to heart disease, an increasing number of medical professionals are trying to educate the male population, but this issue still deserves much more attention from the media.

Dental issues

Perfect examples of non-terminal diseases that affect many men and remain largely undiscussed in the media are dental issues. Starting from uneven teeth that can cause a lack of self-esteem, frequent cavity problems, all the way to bad breath, these problems are caused by a plethora of issues that could easily be treated.

One of the most common problems is gum inflammation, and all it takes is a professional gingivitis treatment to deal with plaque build-up. If left without dental care, it could lead to periodontal disease.


Although women are slightly more prone to various types of anxiety and depression according to a UK study, men are no less affected by this debilitating illness, and yet there is very little talk about on the subject. Raised to “man up” and hide their emotional state, men are less likely to go to therapy, and are much more inclined to pretend that everything is in perfect order.

The exaggerated image of masculinity served by the media both to young and adult males leads to suicide being one of the key death causes in countries such as the UK and the US. Apparently, not even guns or enemy forces kill as many soldiers as suicide in active warzones. With such alarming data, no media outlet should keep quiet.


Being a man with anything perceived as a weakness, be it a disease or a simple need for guidance, still carries a stigma in almost every society in the world.

With feminism on the rise, and so many women’s issues being openly presented and discussed, there is no reason not to work on creating a balance to serve both genders that will allow men access to crucial information, as well as advice on how to cope with real problems they are facing every day.

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